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Diagnostic technology for robotic automation equipment system
- 2019-08-16-
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Xiaobian believes that all producers do not want their production to stop and rest, on the contrary, the effectiveness and process reliability pursued by the producers. The introduction of precautions for the release of equipment and systems can greatly assist in reducing repair time. The first is electrical software, which is actually the robot automation device system diagnostics.
Timely adoption of measures to save large sums of money in the future: bring pieces The monitoring production control line can reduce the high cost of repairing costs and maintenance. According to experts' estimates, the repair time per minute is about $1,000. For valuable physical capital and production process, this capital may even reach every The cost of 10,000 US dollars per minute, therefore, according to the hourly cost can be calculated a large amount, but this situation is avoided by using a proper diagnosis system, the metaphor can be diagnosed through the module system, perhaps through the system to reduce Repair time.
Automated production equipment, after many years of use, repair The total number of moments is unknown, because the system of monitoring system can eliminate these constraints on productivity, and can assist in the rapid elimination of dissimilar repairs, because the use of intelligent originals is increasing. Therefore, the machine manufacturer began to adopt another method to concentrate the diagnosis integration and monitoring functions into the robot's control system, and the production company paid more and more attention to the integrated control of the important central system.

The above is about robotic automation equipment The introduction of the system diagnostic technical article, I believe that everyone has some understanding, if there are other places that do not understand, welcome to inquire, there will be professional and technical personnel to answer your questions.