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Analysis of the reasons for using robot polishing
- 2019-08-15-
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There are still many companies that use manual methods to polish and polish stainless steel, and finish the grinding and polishing of the workpiece after the tool is mastered by hand; or manually grasp the workpiece and finish polishing and polishing on the equipment such as the grinding machine. machining. In fact, the use of hand-made, or the use of hand-held pneumatic, power tools into the grinding, grinding, smashing and other methods for deburring, easily lead to product failure rate rise, low power, processed products are rough and uneven appearance, polishing and polishing quality according to workers Experience is judged and quality cannot be guaranteed.
The dusty environment at the polishing job site is extremely harsh, the sparks that occur when grinding, Dust and noise have great damage to the physical and mental health of workers. Even with good vacuuming equipment, the workshop environment will still affect health. The dust generated during the production process will cause serious pollution to the environment such as the atmosphere and water source. Following the development of the era, the labor force was not accepted, the younger generation refused to enter the market, wages continued to rise, production costs were high, skilled workers were missing, and work efficiency was low.
In this context, robot polishing is becoming more and more popular. Concerned, companies began to consider the introduction of an automated system instead of manual polishing. Replacing the human hand with a robot, and dealing with the cumbersome stainless steel polishing and polishing process, it is useful to improve the product level and save manpower. The robot is polished and polished in the machine room, and can be safely operated in a smoke and dust environment. The waste pollution caused by the polishing process can also be cleaned and manipulated without polluting the environment or affecting the health of the operator.
In addition, the active robot polishing system ensures that the product is polished. Commonness and precision prevent the waste of products formed by artificial polishing inaccuracy and unevenness in traditional processes.
Especially the robotic flexible polishing technology is mature, applied to stainless steel polishing and polishing , to make up for the lack of polishing equipment that traditional polishing equipment can not meet the small batch, the process requirements are messy, the workpiece surface is messy.
Robot grinding and polishing using servo motor multi-joints to mimic human arm joint movements To achieve the operation of polishing and polishing tasks. The robot is capable of polishing and polishing different workpieces, both for overall grinding and for local grinding. The robot can take the initiative to complete the whole process, you only need to press the power button. Robot polishing now plays an important role in the stainless steel profession.
Robot polishing and polishing workpieces are more stable than manual polishing Quality, stable production, improve the qualified rate of products, and overcome the unsettled quality of production caused by fatigue or other reasons. In the polishing and polishing process, the accuracy of the robot is artificially impossible to achieve, the common polishing pressure, and the common grinding curve. Long-term uninterrupted operation, shortened production cycle, improved production power, and increased revenue. In this era of superior competitiveness, it is a general trend to produce high-demand stainless steel tableware and implement an active polishing process. If you do not use robots, then it is a matter of time.
The robot's flexible polishing and polishing equipment is the largest investment, if you For the time being, there is no robot of its own, it can outsource the affairs to a trusted robot enterprise, or the equipment manufacturing enterprise will continue to expand in scale, the technical level will continue to improve, the production cost will continue to decrease, and the equipment price will continue to decline.
Robot polishing system does not work in the finishing of messy surface workpieces The advantages of substitution have an important contribution to the promotion of technological development and the optimization of environmental protection, and there is no limit to the future. It will certainly become a development system that is indispensable in the industrial production stage.