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Loading and unloading robot

Loading and unloading robot

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With the continuous advancement of machine tool processing technology and the advancement of the requirements for workpiece loading and unloading in the machining process, robots are in machinery. Automated applications in machining have occurred and are becoming more and more widely used in various machine tool processing fields. The loading and unloading robot can complete the complicated process of loading, unloading and loading, etc., and the good machine loading and unloading robot is more time-saving and cost-saving than the manual, so it is very popular among industrial enterprises.

(1) After the pallet carrying the workpiece to be processed is transported to the loading position, the robot transports the workpiece to the processing table of the CNC machine.

(2) CNC machine tools for processing.

(3) After the machining is completed, the robot transports the workpiece to the pallet on the conveying line.

(4) The loading line transports the pallet carrying the machined workpiece to the installation station.

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