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CNC machine automation equipment

CNC machine automation equipment

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CNC machine tool automation uses a truss-type robot to perform active loading and unloading, and the parts must be placed in advance, if this method is used, It is impossible to realize the loading and unloading initiative. Therefore, the workpiece is sorted and the condition of the workpiece is selected by means of an oscillating disc, and then the robot is actively fed by a dedicated material channel. In this way, the disordered workpiece can be directly poured into the silo, and the active sorting and feeding of the oscillating disc greatly improves the efficiency of data preparation and shortens the loading and unloading time of the workpiece.

Since there is a pulse electromagnet under the oscillating disc hopper, the hopper can be oscillated in the vertical direction, and the skewed spring piece drives the hopper to oscillate around its vertical axis. The parts inside the hopper rise along the spiral path due to this oscillation. In the process of ascending, through a series of trajectory screening or posture change, the parts can actively enter the assembly or processing position according to the requirements of assembly or processing. After the oscillation, the disordered workpieces are actively and orderly aligned and accurately conveyed to the next process.

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