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CNC machine loading and unloading

CNC machine loading and unloading

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In order to improve the manufacturing power of the manufacturing industry , with the quality of production, to solve problems such as recruitment difficulties. The enterprise can establish an automatic production line through the introduction of the machine tool loading and unloading robot. The machine tool loading and unloading robot first completes the complete automation of the machine tool manufacturing process, and adopts the integrated processing technology, which is suitable for the loading and unloading of the production line, workpiece reversal, workpiece reordering and the like.

Machine loading and unloading , drive system, control system and orientation detection equipment. In the meantime, the control system is the system that governs the activities of industrial robots according to the rules. Nowadays, the control system of industrial manipulators is often composed of the program control system and the electrical positioning (or mechanical stop positioning) system. The control system has two kinds of electrical control and jet control. It governs the program activities of the robot according to the rules, and recalls that the robots are given to the robots. The instruction information (such as the action number, the activity track, the activity speed and the time), together with the information of the control system, is used to organize the announcement instruction, and the action of the manipulator can be supervised when needed, and the action is announced when there is a fault or a shortcoming. Alarm flag cipher.

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