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Robot loading and unloading application

Robot loading and unloading application

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In the new industrial era, loading and unloading robots can satisfy "fast/high-volume processing beats", "saving human capital", and " Requirements such as increasing production efficiency have become the ambitions of more and more factories. The robot loading and unloading system has high efficiency and high stability. The structure is simple and easy to protect. It can satisfy the production of different kinds of products. For the user, the product structure can be adjusted quickly and the production capacity can be expanded, and the industrial workers can be greatly reduced. Labor intensity.

A robot can be used for loading and unloading of one or more machine tools according to the processing requirements. In the robot one-to-many loading and unloading system, the robot can complete the pick-and-place action of the blank and the workpiece in different machine tool processing work, which can improve the use efficiency of the robot. The robot can reciprocate the machine on the linear layout of the machine line through the rails installed on the ground, which minimizes the occupation of the factory space and can be used to switch between different operations of different batches of products. The robot can operate continuously in a harsh environment and operate 24 hours a day, fully liberating the production capacity of the plant, shortening the delivery time and improving the market competitiveness.

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