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Process Center Automation Integration

Process Center Automation Integration

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The performance of the automated production line in the machining center is constantly improving (high speed, high precision, high reliability, easy to operate and repair), and the truss manipulator controller system is also open to the PC. The direction of the manipulator is carried out to facilitate standardization and networking; the integration of equipment is improved, the control cabinet is compact, and the modular structure is adopted: the reliability, ease of operation and repairability of the system are further improved, and the virtual reality skills are reached in the robot. The effects have evolved from simulations and rehearsals to manipulating the robot for process manipulation such as placing the remote robot operator in a remote working environment.

1. Before operating the CNC machine to load and unload the robot, pay attention to check whether there is water or oil in the electric control box. If the appliance is damp, do not open the device, and always check whether the power supply voltage is in compliance with the equipment operation. Whether the line is normal;

2. Verify that the direction of the machine's loading and unloading robot motor is common, and then turn the power on;

3. When the machining automation line needs to be cancelled, Turn off the power of the injection machine, turn off the power supply of the robot, and turn off the air pressure source of the robot;

4. Dissipate the air pressure. Loosen the cylinder fixing plate fixing screw, move the arm, and move the buffer seat to make it close to the arm;

5. Tighten the cylinder fixing plate so that the arm can not move, the rotating safety screw lock Ok, so that the truss manipulator can't rotate, etc.

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