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Industrial Robotic Automation Equipment

Industrial Robotic Automation Equipment

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Robot Automation Control of equipment operating costs <>

The traditional manufacturing form, production power and work quality depend on the proficiency and experience of the workers, while the robotized automatic line relies on the skill of the operator, the storage of skilled personnel and the maintenance of equipment. The storage of skills and equipment operation maintenance personnel is directly related to the operating cost of the robot. The enterprise should store the personnel according to the current status of the product, the degree of process clutter, and the number of robots. Together with the skill and skill level of the progressive staff, the robot is maintained and maintained on a regular basis to maintain a good working condition, reduce the downtime and maintenance costs, and create high value for the enterprise.

Reasonable robot tooling fixtures

The planning and selection of fixtures requires ample consideration of fixture components, functions, positioning, etc. The positioning points of these fixtures are the basis for the precise operation of the robot, if There is an error in the gripping position of each clamp, which will cause all the automation operations to succumb, which is counterproductive. On the contrary, if the positioning point of the fixture is accurate and the corresponding function is adapted, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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