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Vending Machine

Vending Machine

Product Details

The robotic system integration of the grinding robot is the integration of various hardware and software systems for the grinding robot into an interconnected, consistent and harmonious total control system to complete the robot. Automatic Grinding, polishing, deburring.

grinding and polishing robot It is taught by box, control cabinet, robot body, pressure sensor, grinding

head components and other components. Continuous trajectory control and point control can be realized under the control of a computer.

The polishing and polishing robot is generally composed of a teaching box, a control cabinet, a robot body, a pressure sensor, a grinding head assembly and the like. Continuous trajectory control and point control can be realized under the control of a computer.

With the continuous updating and development of skills, the deburring robot can be used to remove multiple faces and multi-angle burrs, which provides a lot of convenience for the company's production. If you need it, you can customize it to our company. The equipment has stable burr removal ability, high production efficiency, easy to complete automatic numerical control, and is a flexible processing machine for removing burrs.

Summary of vending machines:

- Polishing vending machines in the machine work area.

-The workpiece is grabbed by the robot for multi-surface polishing of the workpiece.

- Grinding Machine: Polishing Wheel


- Stability of Quality

- Finishing Fine Work

< p=""> - Free the operator from harsh environments

-Separate from the rotary tool operation

-Separate from the dust operation