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Camshaft is a piston engine A part in it. Its function is to control the opening and closing action of the valve, and its raw material is generally high-quality alloy steel or alloy steel. Since the valve movement rules are related to the power and working characteristics of an engine, camshaft planning plays an important role in the engine planning process.

Cam bearings are subjected to periodic impact loads. The contact stress between the cam and the tappet is large, and the relative sliding speed is also high, so the wear of the cam working surface is serious. In this case, the camshaft journal and cam working surface should have higher wear resistance and excellent smoothness in addition to higher dimensional accuracy, smaller surface roughness and sufficient rigidity.

Camshafts are typically cast from high quality carbon steel or alloy steel and may also be cast from alloy cast iron or ductile iron. The journal and cam working surfaces are polished after heat treatment.

Overview of camshaft deburring:

1. Polish the camshaft loaded from the workpiece rack.

2. The workpiece is polished by the robot to pick up the surface of the workpiece.


1. Stable quality

2. Fine completion

3. Freedom of the operator from harsh environments <>

4. Free the operator from the dusty environment

5. Free the operator from the vibration tool