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arm shaft shell

arm shaft shell

Product Details

Overview of the arm shaft housing:

- Glitch the arm shaft housing supplied by the transport trolley.

- Glitch the fixed workpiece.

-Superhard Rod: Surface Treatment


-The operator is free from harsh environments

-From the rotary tool Separation in the job

-Separation from dust operation

-Stabilization of quality

-Productive upwards

Industrial robots are A very representative equipment in intelligent manufacturing, which is widely used in car manufacturing, metallurgy, metal products, 3C production, chemical, rubber and plastics processing, etc., in the future development, there will be a broader market. .

Big data and cloud storage technologies have made robots become the terminals and nodes of the Internet of Things. The rapid development of information technology blends industrial robots with the network to form a complex production system. Various algorithms such as ant colony algorithm and immune algorithm can be gradually used in robots to make them have human-like learning ability. Robotic collaboration technology makes a production solution possible.