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The crankshaft is an important part of the engine. The material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron and has two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod neck (and others). The main journal is mounted on the cylinder body, the connecting rod neck is connected with the big hole of the connecting rod, and the small head hole of the connecting rod is connected with the cylinder piston, which is a typical crank slider mechanism.

The smoothness of the crankshaft mainly refers to the smoothness of the connecting rod and the crankshaft connecting rod neck and the smoothness of the fixed points at both ends. The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the engine and the source of the whole mechanical system.

Crankshaft machining process:

Despite the variety of crankshafts and some structural details, the machining process is roughly the same.

Overview of the crankshaft:

- Glitching the crankshaft fed by the special plane.

- Use two types of tools for glitch processing.


-The operator is free from harsh environments

-Separated from the rotary tool operation

-From the dust operation Separation

- Stability of quality

- Productive up

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