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door handle

door handle

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Follow With the development of industrial robot skills, more and more companies are beginning to apply this skill to deburring work. Using it to deburr can ensure the consistency of the quality of the parts. Compared with the manual, the efficiency is increased many times and the waste is reduced.

There are two general forms of robot deburring. One is that the robot loads the machining spindle and the workpiece is fixed. The second is that the robot grabs the workpiece and the machining spindle is fixed. Robot deburring can effectively improve production power, reduce cost, and improve product yield. However, because of mechanical arm rigidity, positioning error and other factors, robotic clamping and electric tools are used to deburr the irregular burr. The situation is caused by uneven force on the workpiece.

Overview of the door handle:

- Glitch the handlebars that are loaded by the workpiece pallet.

- Use two types of tools for glitch processing.

- Belt sander

- Polishing machine


- Operators are free from harsh environments


-Separation from rotary tool operation

-Separation from dust operation

-Quality stabilization

-Productive upwards