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Mini Robot Unit

Mini Robot Unit

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1) The M-710iC/50 uses iRVision to take out the bulk workpiece from the workpiece box placed on the trolley and place it Go to the transfer station

2) Use iRVision to detect the workpiece placed on the transfer table and perform position compensation, then hand over to M-710iC/50S

3) by M-710iC /50S Completes the action of loading and removing the workpiece into the processing machine

4) The M-710iC/70 deburring the already processed workpiece and then boxing it (3 layers overlap) And send out


1) Lesser peripheral devices, very simple system

2) Plus Processing units with small footprints in densely packed machinery and robots

At present, China's industrial robot industry is in a period of rapid development. However, the demand gap for industrial robot professionals is growing. As a new field of education, robot training education is facing many challenges.

Along with the pace of China's economic transformation, domestic manufacturing has set off a new wave of industrial transformation. The introduction of the "China's production 2025" strategic plan has further promoted the rapid opening of intelligent equipment manufacturing operations represented by robots.

As an important basis for intelligent production take-off, industrial robots are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive production, electronics, and aerospace production. At present, China's industrial robot industry is in the opening period, China has become the world's largest industrial robot shopping malls for three consecutive years.

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