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Product Details

1. The new robotics technology combines skilled burr handling techniques to advance the automation of the burr processing section.

-Machining parts

-Casting parts

- /Aluminum alloy parts

-Sand type

2. Burr processing scheme

3. Components of burr processing

-floating mechanism

-automatic tool exchange system

-Automatic tool change system

4.Robots for harsh environments

1. Cast (iron, aluminum)

-casting cut-off

-casting burr processing

-processing after machining, surface treatment

2.Aluminum die-casting

-casting mouth cutting

3. Casting burr processing

-EJECTOR PIN burr processing

-Reprocessing after machining, surface treatment

4.Glitch treatment of sand type

-Glitch treatment of neutron parting surface

- Gate cutting

5.Machining parts

-Repetitive burr treatment, surface treatment

6.Fine treatment


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