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Motor parts processing and transport unit

Motor parts processing and transport unit

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Motor parts processing and transport unit

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1) Robot RB1 composite gripper installs the workpiece from the automatic loading position to the gripper and runs to OP10 Take out the workpiece after the completion of the first process At the same time, the workpiece to be processed is mounted to the processing machine.

2) The workpiece after the first machining is mounted to the transfer station, waiting for the robot RB2 to grab. At the same time, the workpiece after washing the RB2 is installed to the airtight test to realize the detection.

3) After the inspection, the RB1 is taken to the finished conveyor.

4) The robot RB2 grabs the workpiece after the end of RB1 to the OP20, and after the processing is completed, it is attached to the washing machine to wash the chips. After washing, install it to the transfer station and wait for the RB1 to grab.


1) The work assignment of each process robot is reasonable, combined with the post-processing process characteristics and time fully played in the effective time, The role of robot automation.

2) The process layout is reasonable. Considering the motion characteristics of the robot and taking into account the processing time, there is no robot standby phenomenon in the whole production process. High efficiency and reasonable layout.