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Recruitment Guide


1. Mechanical Design

Responsibilities Description:

1.Responsible for R&D and design of non-standard automation equipment, fixture design;

2. 3D and 2D assembly drawings and parts drawings;

3. Guide the equipment assembly personnel to assemble and debug;

4, optimize and upgrade existing equipment; 

Job requirements:

1. Mechanical design and automation related majors, more than 3 years experience in non-standard automation equipment development

2, skilled in the application of mechanical design such as AutoCAD, UG or Solidworks Class 2D, 3D software;

3. Familiar with R&D design process of non-standard automation equipment, familiar with machining process;

4. Have good professional ethics and professionalism. Be able to keep company secrets;

5, be brave in pioneering, have good teamwork ability and overcome difficulties;

6, love and dedication, communication and expression skills, professional The foundation is solid, self-study and strong in hands-on ability.

Second, Electrical Engineer

Job Description:

1, Industrial Robot Electrical Schematic Design, Electrical Process Figure design;

2, industrial robot debugging, parameter configuration, performance testing;

3, robot integrated application equipment electrical design, PLC, touch screen programming, equipment debugging.

Department Requirements:

1, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation or related majors, more than 3 years working experience in electrical engineering in automation industry; 

2 Master EPLAN electrical design software, familiar with mainstream brand PLC, drive, motor, and various electrical components; 

3, have great interest and enthusiasm for the robot industry, and are willing to work on the development of robotics ;

4, have a strong desire to learn and self-learning, have a good teamwork ability, strong sense of responsibility, and careful.

Contact Information

Contact: Mr. Xue

Tel: 13584350801

Email: tiger@temrobot.com