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Telm Smart Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in robotic surface treatment applications, robotic machine tool loading and unloading applications, robot deburring applications, robotic automated assembly applications and digital factories.  It integrates quality, technology, service and cooperation into one, and produces products with scientific and rigorous style.  Products include industrial multi-joint robots, truss robots, intelligent logistics systems, digital factory control systems.

Telm Smart Equipment is a strategic partner with KUKA (KUKA) in Germany and FANUC (Fanaco) in Japan. Based on the actual situation in the Chinese market, it has developed a series of intelligent complete sets of equipment with new ideas of own intellectual property rights. .

Telm Intelligent Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. established a product testing service center to provide customers with one-stop butler service such as product testing, simulation operation, accompanying design and accompanying debugging, thus effectively solving the problem of replacing artificial technology with robots. Risks such as process and control greatly shorten the project cycle and ensure the continuity and reliability of the project.